We constitute an apostolic community amongst whom the fear of God and the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ reigns.  Members see themselves as people belonging to the family of same source sharing of the same loaf, the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. We strive always to walk in unity thereby helping one another as members of the same family until Christ is birth in us both individually and corporately. Every member is empowered as faithful steward of the gospel.

In AGCC, families are raised as centres of kingdom activity (Josh 24:15b), with husbands and wives being power unions (Gen. 2:24), together raising godly children who would grow in the fear of the Lord (Ps.127:3-4).

Our worship services are expression of the enthronement of the Lord Jesus Christ in our midst. Everybody is special while only Jesus is Lord.

As an apostolic community, the basic principles that guide us are follows:

  1. Purity of doctrine.
  2. Desire to have a true revelation of Christ, the Lord, and to be found in Him (Phil 1:3:8 – 18)
  3. Desire to build a dwelling place for God on planet earth.
  4. Absolute guidance by the Holy Spirit which may produce diversity of strategies.

We are a pioneering ministry ordained of God to trail blaze in the Body of Christ especially in our region. We have an essential ministry to the body of Christ especially in our region.

In AGCC, lives are built while destinies are in accordance to the word of God. By the grace of God, our apostolic community is a right place to be.

Brief History of Apostolic Grace Christian Centre:-

  • Ordained of God from the foundation of the earth.
  • Revealed to Pastor Lere Agunbiade in a night vision on 11th of December, 1993.
  • Started and operated as a tracts production and distribution ministry under the name      Christ’s Health Care Ministries in Lagos in 1994 up to the 3rd quarter of 1995.
  • Took off as a local Church in Bukuru under the name Christ’s Health Care Ministry on 7th September, 1995.

Her life has consistently been the result of progressive revelation to the set man from the day of take-off.

We changed name to Apostolic Grace Christian Centre in June 1999.

AGCC is primarily a prophetic and apostolic territorial governing Church with a global mentality and impact.


Apostolic Grace Christian Centre networks with ministers netted together through Global Apostolic Impact Network (G.A.I.N), the apostolic network presided over by Apostle Tunde Bakare. That network is our primary apostolic source to which also we are responsible in all respect.


Our Mission

Our mission is to see lives ‘constructed’ in accordance to the vision of the house by the grace of god and the power of the Holy Spirit until Christ is birthed in everyone.

Our Vision

Raising a kingdom addicted people who recognize their status as god’s sons through Christ Jesus; and, who are conscious and confident of god’s power in them to turn the kingdoms of this world to the kingdom of our lord and of his Christ. (Rev. 11:15)